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Our Values

Our History

Founded in 1935, Allied Bakeries was at the forefront of the modernisation of British bakery: updated equipment, the roll out of mains gas, and the availability of affordable motor transportation brought about huge possibilities for the scale and reach of the bakeries, and Allied Bakeries’ investments improved the quality, availability and affordability of bread across the UK.

Since then, Allied Bakeries has played a significant role in the UK’s bakery scene, introducing national brands Sunblest in the 1950s and Kingsmill and Allinson’s in the 1980s.

And while today we bake our bread in what are some of the world’s biggest bakeries where we’ve invested hugely in the best kit available, our recipes and method don’t vary that much from how bread has always been made: mix, knead, prove, bake, cool. We just do it at speed and in bigger batches...